Sunday, 23 November 2008

Well, well, well!

Korea. Who even knows where it is? I mean... I do, but do you? You probably do if you're reading this, but most people don't, they think it's somewhere in south-east Asia, close to Vietnam, that it's a tropical climate and that's it's some kind of third world country. Hmm... don't laugh, I found this kind of mistake in venerable newspapers such as the Financial Times and others, so what about Mr. Everybody/Nobody?
Well, well, well, let's not just be too harsh on people, they've got excuses...or at least they should, right? But again, maybe not.
Don't expect to read a too well-behaved blog. It might end up like one, nothing is for sure yet, but I intend to write however I want about whatever things that are happening over here (ie. Korea, remember?). That's the deal. Nothing revolutionary here, as it's the nature of blogs.

- Hmm... What's this thing about "Nouga". Is this blog going to be about French sweets? Nope. Not really. You should know if you speak Korean. If you don't, tough luck. You'll have to find a dictionary or a friend who does.

- Do I reply to emails? Depends if I've got more than one reader I suppose.

- OK, so what's the deal with the bilingual bit? Well, because I felt like it and obviously wanted to show off a bit. No, seriously, because it would be too much work in five languages and my dutch is not so good yet. (humour anybody?)

- What about the topics? Hmm... As living in Korea as a foreigner (and non-asian looking) can sometimes (all the time?) be very challenging, and because, despite its Westernish aspect Korea is a really exotic country, far removed from what we know as Westerners, the topics are likely to be about things that are happening to someone like me (and my friends) who are living over here (yep, I'm living in Korea, Seoul), or things I see or I think. Nobody should believe what I write without fact-checking, even though I'm not going to invent any of the stuff I'm going to write about.

- So, do I hate Korea? Why? Should I? No, not at all. I'm not a Korea-bashing sort of guy, even though it might appear so depending on the subjects written about. It's easier to write about things that go wrong than about things that go right (anybody read newspapers/news?), so it's probable I will raise issues most of the time. I would write about things that go wrong in France, the UK or anywhere else if I happened to live in any of these countries and if I had a blog. Lucky for them, I live in Korea.

- Oh! And about translations, as I am the one writing, don't bother with potential comments such as "but it's different from what's written in French!" I am the author, so I do as I please. Everybody understood? Vive la différence! (what? don't tell me you can't read French? Tss tss... you're definitely a loser then - and, I know, this bit is not in the French version, so what?!)
-> So, let's go! Shijakhaza!

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